In today's digital world, where internet traffic volume and its quality play a key role in the success of advertising campaigns, it's important to ensure protection against malicious actions, such as internet bots. Kaminari Click technology represents a cutting-edge tool in this fight, allowing advertisers to effectively filter traffic and improve the outcomes of their campaigns.

Let's examine the mechanics of our solution based on data obtained from the Kadam advertising network.

Continuous Monitoring and Traffic Analysis

The key aspect of the technology is our solution's ability to constantly monitor. Every 15 minutes, Kadam conducts checks based on a specific set of conditions using data collected by our system, totaling 1440 checks a day. This not only allows for the prompt identification and exclusion of undesirable segments of Kadam's traffic but also maintains the overall quality at a high level.

The IVT (Invalid Traffic) metric remains within 2-3%. This indicates a consistently low level of bots within the total traffic volume, thanks to the use of Kaminari. It's important to note that advertisers do not incur financial losses for clicks identified as bot-generated, which contributes to higher traffic quality.

Active Filtering of Kadam Sources

Each month, about 33,000 traffic segments are blocked using Kaminari Click, an important part of the strategy to ensure its purity. The filtering is conducted based on detailed analysis of sources through various Kadam transmitted tags (sub1-sub10), allowing for the effective exclusion of low-quality and potentially fraud elements.

Percentages of bots by GEO and verticals for January - February 2024

Verticals. Statistics on the percentage of bots:

Verticals. Statistics with positive dynamics:

Statistics by GEO with the highest percentage of bots:

Statistics by GEO with positive dynamics:

Percentages of bots by GEO and verticals December 2023 - February 2024

The analysis of verticals and geographic distribution of bots shows that, thanks to Kaminari, their share can be significantly reduced in certain segments. For example, in the "Crypto" vertical, the percentage of bots decreased from 7% to 3.4% over three months. This demonstrates the system's effectiveness under various conditions and at different levels of threat.

Statistics for "Crypto" by month, showing that the percentage of bots decreased nearly threefold (changes in other verticals are insignificant):