Kaminari Click offers an advanced anti-fraud system, providing complete protection of your website from unwanted traffic, bots, and fraudulent clicks.


Our solution is designed with a wide range of targeting options, specifically aimed at identifying and blocking various types of fraud that can undermine the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and harm brand reputation.

Key Targetings and Features
of Kaminari Click Anti-Fraud Solution

Each of these targeting options of Kaminari Click plays a vital role in ensuring accuracy and fairness in advertising campaigns, helping networks and advertisers to make the most effective use of their advertising budgets.

Types of Fraud Combated
by Kaminari Click

Automated Traffic
Bad Reputation IP
Incorrect Requests
  • Spoofing - The Main Type of Bot Traffic

    Spoofing, or user-agent impersonation, is a common method used by bots to disguise as legitimate traffic. In this case, a browser or bot falsifies its identification, posing as a different version or type of browser. This creates an illusion of genuine user interaction, making it difficult to detect and block such traffic.

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  • Automated Traffic

    This type of traffic is often similar to spoofing, but its main feature is the automation of actions on the internet. Bot developers use specialized browsers needed for software development and testing. Each browser has its unique user-agent. Fraudsters collect lists of these user-agents and use them to create bots that masquerade as real users.

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  • Crawlers

    While crawlers, such as Googlebot and other search bots, are not malicious, their activity does not bring value in the context of advertising campaigns. They index content for search engines but do not participate in conversions or clicks, making their traffic non-valuable for advertisers.

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  • Bad Reputation IP

    This term refers to clicks originating from IP addresses with a bad reputation. Such clicks can come directly from a browser (which is usually considered safe) or from a server (which often indicates fraud). In the latter case, data can be collected via scraping and used for automated clicks on advertisements.

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  • Incorrect Requests

    This type of fraud is not always related to bots but still poses a serious threat. An example of such fraud can be the use of invisible iframes positioned under advertisements. Clicks on these ads appear legitimate but are actually fraudulent. Additionally, fraudsters may use images instead of ad banners, making it harder to track the source of traffic.

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Kaminari Reports

We offer a comprehensive toolkit of analytics and reporting that not only helps advertisers optimize their campaigns but also provides reliable data for substantiating refunds from traffic sources in the event of fraud detection.

Examples of Screens in Reports

Providing this data in the form of readable reports and graphical visualizations allows advertisers to not only effectively manage their campaigns but also provides them additional protection against fraud.

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Additional Advantages
of the Kaminari Click Platform

Kaminari Click offers a number of significant advantages, making it one of the most preferred solutions in the anti-fraud systems arena for advertisers and marketers. Below are the key aspects that set Kaminari Click apart from other platforms:

All these factors together provide Kaminari Click with a status as a reliable and convenient tool for protecting advertising campaigns from fraudulent traffic, enhancing their effectiveness and profitability.

How to get
Anti-Fraud Solution

All these solutions are designed to maximize the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and ensure high-quality traffic. For more detailed information, contact our managers.

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