Hey, Kaminari Click Community! Dive into the deep end of affiliate marketing with us today. Guess what? Not all waters are clear. Some are swirled with the murky clouds of fraud and bots, especially in certain verticals. Let's shed some light on where the shadows lurk the most!

1. Financial Services. Talking big bucks here – from credit cards to crypto. High payouts mean high stakes, attracting fraudsters like moths to a flame. They’re crafting intricate schemes to fake consumer interest and swipe those commissions.

2. Health & Beauty. This isn’t just about looking good; it’s about dodging the bad. The wellness world, with its fat margins and broad appeal (think weight loss supplements to skincare), is a playground for fraudulent play.

3. E-commerce & Retail. The digital marketplace is bustling not just with shoppers but with shifty characters trying to earn off fake orders or exploiting return policies for a quick buck.

4. Gaming & Apps. Ever heard of bots going on a gaming spree? Well, they're out there, mimicking app installs and in-game achievements to bag rewards they never earned.

5. Dating & Meetups. Love might be in the air, but so are scams. Fake profiles not just break hearts but also rules, tricking platforms into paying out for non-existent love stories.

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