We're thrilled to announce an exciting opportunity for our valued Kaminari Click community! Our new referral program is designed to reward you for spreading the word about Kaminari Click and inviting your friends to join our innovative platform.

Here's How It Works

1. Generate Your Unique Referral Link. Simply log into your personal account and navigate to the "Referrals" section. Here, you can generate a personalized referral link to share with friends, colleagues, or anyone in your network who could benefit from Kaminari Click's services.

2. Share and Earn. Pass along your referral link to others. When someone signs up using your link, they're not just joining our community; they're also unlocking a special 10% bonus for their first deposit. It's our way of saying thank you for bringing more amazing users into the Kaminari Click family.

Steps for Your Referrals:

  • Click on Your Referral Link. The journey begins with a simple click, leading them directly to our platform.
  • Sign Up. They'll need to register an account with Kaminari Click, joining our growing community of users.
  • Integrate and Pay. After registering, their next step is to start and pay for their chosen integration service. This action triggers the bonus for both of you.

Track Your Success:

Monitor Your Referrals. Keep an eye on your personal cabinet to see updates whenever someone registers using your link. It's a transparent way to track the impact of your referrals.

Unlimited Potential:

No Limits on Referrals. The best part? There's no cap on how many people you can invite. The more you share, the more rewards you can earn. It's that simple.

Join and Earn:

Ready to make the most out of your Kaminari Click experience? Start sharing your referral link today and earn bonuses for each successful registration through your link. It's a win-win: you get rewarded, and your friends gain access to Kaminari Click's powerful digital solutions.

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