The "Blocking" block is a significant enhancement for web administrators and digital marketers focused on security and user authenticity. This feature allows for the integration of an IP blacklist to proactively block threats and flag suspicious users. The criteria for flagging include the use of VPNs, the absence of push notification support, and more.

The types of traffic that can now be blocked encompass a wide range of potential threats, including:

  • VPN
  • Tor
  • Proxy
  • Traffic from iframes
  • Suspicious visits
  • Browsers without JavaScript
  • Browsers with AdBlock
  • Browsers without push notifications

Moreover, Chrome WebView traffic can also be blocked, which is particularly useful for preventing abuse via this commonly used browser engine.

An essential aspect of this update is the visibility of all blocked clicks in the reports. This transparency ensures that administrators can monitor and adjust their security settings as needed, based on real-time data about blocked traffic. By providing detailed insights into blocked interactions, Kaminari Click empowers users to refine their security measures and understand the nature of the threats they face.

This update is a valuable addition for those who rely on Kaminari Click for website analytics and security. It enhances the platform's utility by adding a robust layer of protection against various forms of digital threats, helping to ensure that traffic to a website is genuine and secure.

We're excited to share more details about our innovative "Blocking" block feature. For those interested in enhancing their digital security strategy, we invite you to explore our platform. Here, you'll find comprehensive information on how this new feature can be seamlessly integrated into your security measures, providing an additional layer of protection. Discover how Kaminari Click continues to lead in digital security solutions by visiting us today.