In the digital advertising world, one of the most pervasive issues is mobile display fraud, particularly in campaigns that utilize cost-per-mille (CPM) and video views. At Kaminari Click, we are dedicated to helping our clients understand and combat this sophisticated type of fraud to protect their advertising investments.

Understanding Mobile Display Fraud

Mobile display fraud occurs when fraudulent actors generate false impressions to inflate advertising costs. Display advertising, one of the earliest online advertising methods, typically involves placing ads on websites where advertisers pay for a predetermined number of impressions, traditionally calculated per thousand, hence the term CPM. However, the profitability tied to impression numbers has given rise to various fraudulent tactics, such as impression fraud, pop-unders, and ad stacking.

In mobile contexts, these fraudulent impressions often originate from seemingly legitimate apps, orchestrated by bots, or facilitated by disreputable publishers. These actors manipulate the ad's visibility or generate fake user interactions to artificially inflate impression counts and deceive advertisers.

How Display Fraud Works

For instance, if an advertiser pays $1.00 per thousand impressions (CPM), and a campaign receives 6,000 impressions, the cost would be $6.00. Fraudsters exploit this pricing model by creating or simulating impressions that don’t represent genuine user interest or engagement, thus unjustly escalating the advertiser's expenses.

Detecting and Preventing Mobile Display Fraud

Identifying mobile display fraud involves analyzing discrepancies in advertising data. Key indicators include unusually high impression counts paired with disproportionately low click-through rates and poor install or retention rates from specific media sources, campaigns, SiteIDs, or geographic regions. However, tackling this issue alone can be daunting due to the sophistication of fraud techniques.

Solutions Offered by Kaminari Click

To effectively combat this issue, Kaminari Click recommends using specialized anti-fraud solutions that are part of broader digital advertising platforms. These solutions are designed to identify and block potentially fraudulent impressions from known fraudulent IP addresses. Features such as automated alerts can also help advertisers monitor and act against suspicious activities, like abnormal impression-to-click ratios from certain networks or SiteIDs.

Moreover, we integrate advanced analytics and real-time monitoring tools into our services to help advertisers detect and respond to fraudulent activities proactively. By understanding the origins and mechanics of display fraud, advertisers can better safeguard their campaigns against these deceptive practices.


The fight against mobile display fraud is ongoing and requires a vigilant, informed approach. By leveraging comprehensive fraud detection and prevention tools, advertisers can protect their investments and ensure that their campaigns reach genuine audiences. Kaminari Click remains committed to providing cutting-edge solutions to help advertisers navigate the complexities of digital advertising with confidence and security.

For advertisers looking to deepen their understanding of mobile display fraud and explore effective solutions, visiting Kaminari Click's platform can provide the necessary resources and support to enhance campaign security and efficiency.