Welcome to our partner - DAO.AD!

DAO.AD is a media platform that specializes in traffic monetization using the CPC and CPM models. Although the network was founded in 2019, it already boasts a range of competitive advantages to meet client needs.

DAO.AD buys and sells traffic to all countries worldwide.

  • For advertisers, a wide variety of advertising campaign settings offers flexibility, demonstrating excellent service to users. The minimum deposit required to start working with the network is $50. In DAO.AD, integrated macros for popular trackers are available, simplifying the setup of advertising campaigns and tracking conversions.
  • For webmasters, the advertising network provides fast and easy code integration, clear statistics, and attractive royalty percentages. The option of urgent payments upon request is a convenient feature, allowing for the swift withdrawal of earned money.

Additionally, DAO.AD features a referral system, enabling income generation by referring friends. The network ensures all clients receive high-quality and professional support 24/7 across all available communication channels.

Bonus for all Kaminari Click customers!

With the promo code KAMINARIDAO24*, all new users will receive a +15% bonus to the amount added on their first deposit!

*The promo code is valid until August 30, 2024.

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