Welcome to the world of Kadam, where advertising efficiency and profitability reach new heights. As a leading ad network, Kadam specialize in delivering unparalleled results for both publishers and advertisers.

Key formats include Banner, Native, Push, Pop and Inpage. It covers all GEOs of the globe, 10+ billion impressions per day and millions of high-quality conversions across any verticals.

The platform includes built-in analytics tools, extensive targeting options, an effective anti-fraud system and integration with popular affiliate networks. CPM, CPC, CPA Target — you can use any of these payment models. You can replenish your personal account using any method, including crypto. Kadam supports clients at every stage: we provide a service with a personal manager and friendly support. The support team will respond within 10 minutes. Self-service and full management options are available. You can also get help with creatives, settings and optimization.

Benefits of Kadam.net:

Effective budget management

Advanced targeting and retargeting tools

Analytics and statistics

System improvements and enhancements

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